Where to Start?

Spirituality is a vast area to investigate. It is very important to plan your way through it. An unplanned endeavor into spiritual realm may cause more harm than benefit. Today we will talk about where should be start if we are serious about understanding things that actually makes sense.

Start Now
Start Now

When we talk about spirituality, people at once talk about either God or Soul or other metaphysical things those are difficult to experience. This is a mistake. This is just like discussing Integral Calculus to a nursery kid.

I believe that the first thing we all should focus on is our own self. Let's start understanding ourselves first. Our own self is the most readily available specimen or tool we have. Also our own self is the only thing we use to understand anything external. So to understand ourselves seem most logical to me.

We all should start from asking questions like what are we doing. What do we want? Why do we want that? etc. You'll see that these few questions have tremendous potential to change your whole life when answered from within. When I say answered from within it may be as miraculous as having an intuition or as simple as finding the answer by your own effort and then accepting the answer that best suit your personality.

Life is a constant flow. If we don't pull out some time every now and then to take pause and think of what all is going on, we will never get that chance until this flow is broken by something we don't want to happen in our lives.

Please let me know what you feel about the topic. I look forward to different views.

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